At Poppy Willow Studio we care about the footprint we leave behind. We believe in taking responsibility & limit our use of new ressources. Fast Fashion is one of the worlds most polluting industries & we want to be a part of the change. That is why we aim to be as sustainable in our production as possible and hope to inspire to a more sustainable lifestyle.



We are proud to say that all our Slow Fashion collections are handmade in our studio in Copenhagen by designer Emilie Hjarsø & Sandra Sofie Mazur. We focus on creating Slow Fashion and every collection consists of few quality pieces. 



All materials are carefully chosen with care for the enviornment. We aim to use sustainable materials when possible, such as Tencel, Organic Cotton and GOTS certified cotton. We also use leftover or deadstock materials. We use zero waste methods in our design and production process, to limit the use of new resources. 


Every piece in our collections are limited stock since we mostly use leftover fabric and only source a limited stock of materials. That way we limit waste and only produce by demand. We want your favorite poppy + willow pieces to last a long time, so every piece is made to wear from season to season for any occasion, day or night. We use our waste material from the collection to create accessories such as hats and scrunchies. 


We want to reuse or recycle as much as we can, so our gift wrapping & packaging is made from sustainable or recycled Materials and we try to reuse as much packaging as we can.  


In order to make your new favorite Poppy + Willow piece last longer, we recommend that you wash it by hand or on a delicate programme at 30 degrees and hang it out to dry in fresh air. We also offer repairs and alterations to make your favorite Poppy + Willow piece last longer. 


Our motto at Poppy Willow Studio is Take care, Repair & Make it last!